5284 Kim checking in

Kim here, currently operating out of Melbourne Vic Australia and looking to set up a presence here once circumstances are more favourable.

Pallet Controller for a not-for-profit food relief organisation during the week, community first aider on weekends.

Spare time for SW & TWD cosplay, plus roller derby referee when schedule permits.

Consumer of way too much coffee.


Cool, nice meeting ya. Did GI Joe have much presence in Australia?

Hey Panzer, excellent question.

It wasn’t the strongest performing marquee in either toys comics or cartoon franchises. Even when sandwiched between Masters of the Universe and She-Ra (or some other popular series) it didn’t get the response to maintain the same level of fandom.

Rebranded under “G.I. Joe Australia” with similar stories to the UK release (Action Force, I think?)

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Coffee is a performance enhancing substance. Welcome.