Almost there, just a few more tweaks

What kits do you have that are over the 50 yard line and almost finished? For me, I’m almost complete with the Sunbow version of Cross Country. I just need to modify the pants and find some good leggings. My Viper, Night Viper, and HISS Driver still need a lot of work.:worried:

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I’ve got a couple in varying states of completion.
I don’t really consider my Snow Serpent done yet as I’ve got a bunch of upgrades I want to do. Most of my ongoing WIP costumes are around 25% or less.

-Steel Brigade
-Cobra Commander Redo
-Secret costume for JoeFest 2020

I rarely ever feel that I’m done with a costume though, to me costume building is a very iterative process, every time I wear a costume I find something I want to fix or upgrade.

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i used this company’s on my crosscountry v1*14894f2cab9440f61a45012c
I added a red hot press stripe at the top.


Thanks for the link! @vwnerd

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My Firefly is over the 50 yard line for sure. I’d say in within kicking a field goal at this point. My hang up has been the bandolier and backpack strategy. I have no found a commercially ready bandolier that matches well enough. Also, the balaclava still needs attention to get the right color and Camo. Otherwise I believe I have it all together now

Tom Wyckoff built the back pack. Ask him what all he used.

Different versions. I’m attempting a v28 which is a modern pack

I need to do the flap on my Cobra Officer. And add the ARMY lettering on my Resolute Duke.

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