Any Range Vipers?

I’m seriously thinking about doing a Range Viper as a second costume…just wondering if anyone has any pics of their completed suits that I could use for some reference? I’ve strongly been considering doing the “Body Bags” version from The Plague…this looks like a fairly easy build? Thanks in advance.

Someone did the female range Viper from the DiC cartoon, but otherwise I’ve never seen one in the wild.

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That’s the only one I’ve seen too. I’m trying to figure out which version I want to do? I have a helmet coming from Alpine Traditions, trying to decide between the “Body Bags” Plague RV from the DDP comic run or the ROC Jungle Assault???

I kinda of dig the DDP look!

That’s what I’m probably going to go with…maybe? :rofl:

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I am working on a Body Bags also.

The mask is going to be a skull face airsoft mask with brain jello molds modified for the helmet.

When I was originally planning on doing Body Bags…I was just going to paint the “brain” onto the helmet because of the visor.