Backblast Helmet Ideas

The next build I’m looking at doing is Backblast. I have a lot of the details worked out and should be able to put together the regular and the Battle Corps versions. The helmet is where I’m not sure. The figure and the file card look to be two pieces a likely sideless helmet with a headset over it. Wanted to put it here to get a few ideas so I can decide a direction to go.

What about using a PASGT M88 helmet. Cut the part that flares off around the ears and neck. Reform and reattach it with some fiberglasss. Cover the helmet with some netting and add the neck guard/ headphones made from Sintra or Eva. Use bondo to fill any gaps and sand smooth for paint.

It might be worth a trip to your local good will or thrift store to look for. Batting helmet for a couple of bucks to cut up. I could see an older style batting helmet being a decent base for this.


Looks like a batting helmet. You could do the add-ons with foam and a helmet net.

Batting helmet with helmet netting over it. Then the headset and back piece would need to be added.

The problem with adding pieces that already exist such as headsets or such is that it’s gonna get big and not sit flush likely, you are gonna be putting layers upon layers, it might turn out really huge and goofy looking. If possible you will want to use foam smithing or some other means to make all the pieces flush to the helmet.

I was thinking of going with something similar to this. A helmet without side pieces, find a headset that connects the ears across the top, add netting and I could make a fairly straight piece that could attach to the outside of the ear pieces on the headset.

Its missing the front bill.

So staring at the toy a little more and chasing down the rabbit trail of google, another idea would be a derby helmet. Then add netting over it, then get a headset and build the backpiece on that.