Cobra Issued Identification Tags

Hey folks, just out of curiosity, what information would you think would be included on Cobra issued ID tags? I know there is no canonical way of knowing. I am just waiting on my patches and helmet to be made for my trooper costume and was looking for other fun little details to add. When I was in the Army, the info on our tags were:

Social Security Number
Blood Type
Religious Preference

Any ideas?


A bit of a tricky one. I’d say Cobra is not worried about identifying their troops, in fact it’s probably just the opposite! They likely don’t want people to be identified.

Maybe basic things like codename, specialty, ID number, and bloodtype would still be useful, but beyond that I doubt they’d care much. Probably more likey for someone to take your wallet when you go down rather than being helped or evacuated.


Thanks for the response! I was thinking the same thing. They wouldn’t have anything that could identify you to anyone outside the organization. Maybe a code name or an alias, an ID number that is only used in the organization, blood type.
I remember in the early 2000’s there was another Cobra costuming group, I can’t find anything on them online now so I won’t name them here, but they had this system where each state was assigned a Springfield number. For example, Georgia was Springfield #4. I think their id tags had Codename, Springfield number, favorite drink. Stuff like that.


Your patch set will be in the mail on Monday. I’ll send pics when I’m done.


Awsome, than you sir.