Cobra trooper build

Hi all ,

I am just starting to build my costume and I have a question about the base garments.
I chose to go with a navy blue light cover-all instead of tactical pants and shirt. Has anyone done this and did it work out?
What has everyone else done.


Some folks have floated this idea and done it for stuff like Vipers. It’s a little easier to hide the differences in color with the vest and other gear.

We recommend the tactical pants and shirt because that is generally what all our members have done for field manual style troopers.

That would definitely be my recommendation if you were aiming to join the club. Doing it a different way is certainly possible, but we’ll probably want to see that you match a reference somewhere that shows them wearing coveralls or it looks close enough to the others that it matches.

Is there a particular reason you opted to do coveralls instead?

Because I am 6’ 1 and carry most of my weight in my chest/stomach I thought it would be better than pulling up ma pants every 10 minutes…lol.
I did however just see the build manuals . I ordered the cover-all before knowing the regulations. Just started my build last week.

Thanks for the info and I have swapped to the BDU’s

Ah, gotcha. Pretty understandable!

Any other parts you have questions on?

I have my arm cobra patch 3.5 inch and have Ordered a 9’ patch for a temp chest sigil…I have noticed there are 2 different faces of the cobra on the patches…is there a preferred one. And just on a side note I know berrets are unofficial but I got the listed one…is it OK to use a cobra arm patch as a front for the berret??

I’m sure I will come up with more as I put this together.


In terms of the big patches, the old standard and what’s in the manual is this:

This was largely because there wasn’t anything better for the cost. Recently though, a member has started producing much nicer ones that look a bit more like the actual logo:

His prices are pretty good and he does matching sets for the full outfits.

In terms of preference, mostly your choice on what you like. Mine is a different embroidery to both of these, but it works fine. If I had to do another though, it would probably be the second link.

For the beret, I’d at least ask about the beret flashes. The arm patch is just really huge on the front of a beret.

Where did you get your big patch from?

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Ebay from katerra8 it was her last one. It’s the same as the 6 inch but 9 inch

Ah, gotcha. That would probably be reasonable then. The size difference might be a little noticeable, but certainly not enough to slow you down if you want to use it.

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I can actually see a jumpsuit being used instead of a 2-piece. You can make a jumpsuit look like fatigues with the flap and belts hitting the right places. The field manual is just a guide to help, but if you can pull off the look of your canon reference pic, I really don’t see the issue. The manuals are there to help guide you into everyone looking the same…or damn close. Can’t wait to see what you do with the jumpsuit.

One note…you may need to add leg pockets depending on the reference subject. We are here for any questions you may have.


You may be able to recycle the coveralls for another character. Though no one comes immediately to mind.

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I’m brought 2 two shirts and pants from Amazon so far. All three vary in color despite referencing the numbers in field manual. I’m kinda thinking it maybe worth to find two pairs of dickies and recreate the pockets and shoulder straps

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If you take a look at the tags, you might see that they actually are the same color, but have different materials.

We found that the 100% cotton BDUs look different than the 65/35% or the 60/40% cotton. I don’t like ordering off of Amazon, because there’s no guarantee you’ll get matching ones. Even if they say it’s one, they might send you another. I’ve gotten around this by ordering directly from Propper in the past.

I’m guessing your color differences look something like this?


Matching colors is hard. I lucked out with my Viper BDUs, but I ordered straight from Propper. I don’t think you’d be able to pull off the same look with Dickies clothing as you would with BDUs. Remember that the Field Manual is just a guide to help you, (we like the troop builds to look the same) but you make due with what you can get and some variation is OK. Just make sure it matches your reference photo when submitting and you should be OK.

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Yeah I lucked out when ordering the shirt & pants for my MainFrame… got them on Amazon months apart

Somtimes you get lucky but sometimes you don’t… I had to order and exchange blues for my Mecahnic 4 times before I got matching colors.


Yep. Different materials. I guess I’ll hold on to them for possible future costumes and order everything directly from Popper in Battle Rip 65/35 after I’m done with V.1 Duke. Thanks for the insight!

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