Cobra trooper chest flap pics needed

I’ve found a seamstress to make the chest flap for my Cobra trooper. I showed her the pics that are in the field manual to describe what I want, and I think she has the right idea. My concern is that the pics in the field manual are pretty dark and hard to see. I want to make that she gets this right, so I was wondering if any troopers or officers out there would care to share detailed pics of their chest flaps. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Here’s my project thread:
Cobra Officer WIP thread

I used the front of the second shirt as the template and the fabric from the back of the second shirt as the chest panel.


Kim definitely did a great job on his! Highly recommend the thread.

I took some photos on mine a while back. There used to be a member who basically mass produced these and I was lucky to get one!

Hope it helps!

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Make sure its marked which shirt is which if you have 2 different sizes. We took 3 shirts 2 XL and 1 L (made 2 flaps- trooper and officer) and she cut up 1 XL and the L… that was the 2nd seamstress we tried… instead of going to a third we bought a machine and my wife is learning to sow! :slight_smile:

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Thank you; this was exactly what I needed!

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I have a machine but I need to learn how to thread it. I thought about taking a class but too many things came up.

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