Cobra trooper helmet build

I would love it if a few of you would post finished views of your helmet. Multi angles would be great so I can tweak mine.

A friend of mine 3d printed a couple for a test.
One is smaller than the other and I had to have him scale the second up to fit my head.

To me it looks real good for the base and I will be coating/building it up with fiberglass cloth and resin.

The original 3d print file has the point at the front pointing in a little towards the forehead. I took a heat gun and pulled it out on the second model. I did bubble it a little and will have to go back and tweak that too. My question here is should I point in a little?

What does everyone think?

Here are a few more pics
The first two are the differences in the peak after I pulled it out a little

Here’s mine. It was 3D printed by XeroProps and finished by me. That looks good.

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