Cobra Trooper/Officer/Scarface WIP

Starting on a costume with a front flap that can be swapped out to have either the Red or Silver sigil on it. I want to ultimately be able to use it for Scarface which would need most of a cobra officer look but a Red sigil on chest. With PVS shutting down I may attempt to 3D print the helmet but not sure on that yet. As for eqipment I have everything I use for the Stinger Driver so it should be a quick build. Question- is it the Propper Dark Navy or LAPD Blue I need for the uniform?

Believe LAPD Blue is their new code name they are using for that same color, older stock I think is Dark Navy

The LAPD is darker. I have a shirt and it is different than the dark navy.

LAPD (left) vs standard Viper/Officer/Trooper (right)