Cobra Viper Knee Pads

Anyone know if the kneepads on the Cobra Viper are Optional ? I’ve heard both from several people. I have black Tactical pads but didn’t know if I should buy or try to build the fabric pads that attatch to the boots… I’ll be wearing the tall boots…Thanks All.

Depends on the version of viper you are making, the field guide on our site gives some pointers on using knee pads. Some folks just wear knee pads with their boots while some actually add pads to their boots like the old toys had but it also depends on the version of viper as there is some that have different boots and knee pad configs

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It really depends on the version you’re working off of. I wear mine when I’m doing the V1 Viper but not with my Sideshow Styled one.

I’ll share the page from the Viper Field Manual but it really comes down to the version of the viper that you’re trying to do. If you need fabric ones I highly recommend Kenilworth Props and Costumes. It’s run by a Finest member who does awesome work.

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I know what the field manual states but I already have the tall engineer boots but in not crazy about the fabric pads and would rather wear tactical pads if possible, just looking for a reference photo of a viper that will fit the look. everything else is modeled after a classic viper with the exception of a sideshow style helmet.

The v28 is pretty much only one I think that had the combat boots with tactical pads look.

Some have deviated from the whole fabric pads thing to use a hard plastic proxy though, if you can try to make it look like it’s sort of attached to the boot or tucked into the top of the tall motorcycle boot I’ve seen done to give the similar illusion when standing up.

Some just forgo the knee pad completely too, its not ideal but if the rest of the viper costume is on point, the approval committee can sometimes give ok to a slight deviation or missing of a smaller detail. Trying to get as much as you can on point is what we ask, not 100% accuracy

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Thank you for the info.