Create-a-Cobra (finish up)

Hey there. I’ve been on a long break from costuming. The good news is I have a few builds that I was almost done with before I took the break. I’m just gonna put a post here and see if it pressures me in to finishing it. Pics coming up. Offer suggestions if you have’em please.


So, you are going to pull the trigger on the Create a Cobra?


All that pink!! When you want them to see you coming

Well its 85% done, so finish it is the right words. I finished the suit and built the helmet over a year ago. All that’s left is paint the helmet, install the visor, and finish the gun. The body of the gun is made, just needs details added and paint.
When I figure out how to post pics I’ll drop them here. Just not enough time in the day as I’m restoring cars at my day job and at my shop nightly

Yep. I started another costume that’s even more neon, but at the moment I have no plans to finish. I’ve just been burned out on the convention end of things so it’s not like I’d be able to wear it much

Understandable. You gotta take breaks too.