Crimson guard build

Can anyone give me suggestions or answers on a few items for a Crimson guard build please

  1. Helmet for purchase

  2. Proper buttons

  3. Silver cobra insignia for the collar

    Thanks for the help. Hail Cobra!

Hi There!

As far as buttons go, that may be the tougher one to replicate if the jacket on the manual is not easily available, or if you are doing a custom jacket. My suggestion there would be that the buttons are not ultra-essential, and as long as they match whatever color is on your reference (e.i. figure, card art, etc.) you’ll be fine.

For the helmet, check Pit Viper Studios on fb, as they have been the main maker of helmets for The Finest. Aside from that, 3D printing may be the other alternative. Should you choose to go that route, we have some members who work with 3D printing helmets.

The insignia for the collar may be the toughest to replicate. Every few years, a run of those pins was done by our former merch officer. I do not recall but I believe that person retired from that role. I think 3D printing may also be the best option here.

If needed, I can provide additional reference pictures that the manual may not have.

Hope this helps!