Dr.Mindbender boots?

Has anyone had any experience with Dr.Mindbenders boots I found a brand of boots from Ridetec that look like they would be a good base but before I shell out the money I would like to see if anyone has experience

I’ll start by saying I don’t have direct experience with Dr Mindbender boots but similar boots in style. I’m making an assumption that you are going for the original styled figure as your basis?

I’m also going to assume that the company you mentioned that you are looking at tall biker/engineer boots to start as your base from. Those are one way to approach it. The other would be to my eye a military style dress boot /riding boot as the base. The Engineers boot will likely be the cheaper option and more readily available. You would need to remove the obvious buckles or straps to get close to your target reference. It also appears if we are looking at the same images for reference that you would be adding a slip in to the cuff knee area extension to make them appear taller and on target.

My experience with engineering boots has been that they are uncomfortable to wear for longer periods of time. They are heavy to clomp around in too. Your mileage may vary.

To help you best on queries like this would be to add an image of what figure you are following so others can better assist you.

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Definitely a lot of versions! If going for something like the classic figure/comic look, I could see the engineer boots working for the most part. You would probably just need to add the shiny bits and some extra material to cover the knee, some of our members do that for their viper costumes. Engineer boots can be a bit heavy, but they tend to be much less expensive than riding boots in my experience.

For now until I can get all the pieces for a good Mindbender I think I am going to stick to a Cobra infantry because I can get a lot of it very easily as I have most of it. But I will be doing Mindbender for sure

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