Fighting Fifth Steel Brigade

Current progress. Printed helmet, visor, Garrison Patch, spare Stanley Steemer trousers.

This will hopefully be my entry costume.

As you can see, the trousers are ‘pre-weathered’ from a couple years of carpet and airduct cleaning.

Anyone looking to replicate my exact build will have difficulties finding those pants. I can’t find any on Dickies’ website. Might be a Steemer exclusive.


I know there is another member of the fighting fifth that did a steal brigade also.
Will try to find the pictures.

I did find a sufficiently green OD shirt in my closet at my parents’ house. I think that could work if I took the sleeves off.

Then again, I’d like to also scare up some second hand and militaria shops for boots, maybe I can find something better as a vest.

Started sanding the helmet. Did the lowest ridge around the back, the jaw, ear(?) pieces, and highest ridge. All 120 grit.

Saw boots at the local firearms emporium. They SHOULD fit, I didn’t try them on though. I’ll go back in a few days with my buddy Andy Jackson and see if they fit.


I’m switching to a v1b/c/d version, it’ll be a little less expensive, at the cost of no longer doing the v1a, which I haven’t seen anyone do. (I’ll probably get around to it eventually)

Bought an appropriate bandolier/shoulder strap. At Menards no less.

And I just placed an order on a sweater, gloves, and pouches.

Wow, that’s a pretty nice looking belt. How much was it? Looks like something a Storm Shadow could use too.

5 clams. Menards Store Brand. (Yes, I know it’s a regional store) I dont know if they’d ship it out to anyone, otherwise I’m sure someone here in the Midwest can supply the Finest.

That said, it baaaaarely fits me, and I’m a slender guy. Might need a little augmentation.

Sweater and pouches were delivered yesterday. Might attempt a fitting today after work. Just to see how everything fits.

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Tried it on, did not cu the sleeves off this shirt, because I wanted to make sure it would all fit.


Gloves arrived today, and they fit.

Will try them on with the rest of the garb later.

Gloves look good. Feel good too. Might buy a second set for my personal use.

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Wanted to look up the belt for sizing, listed as 29in to 46in.

Here’s the link:

Looking great so far!

My wife informs me the belt I picked up at Menards is brown.

Will probably just buy some webbing from a craft store and make my own v1a harness.


Another idea, get some grey webbing from the craft store, and make my own belt.

Using the same material, I can make a scabbard for the knife (that way they’re the same color). And I can match some paint to the webbing color to make the grenade and handgun.

Since subsequent costumes don’t need finest approval, would I be allowed to take liberties with Steel Brigade so long as it still reads as SB?

For example, arranging the webbing differently, or attempting to change the vest style so it’s similar to Beachhead or Roadblock V2, while still maintaining the color palate.

(This would be done without destroying the original costume)

Generally, you’re allowed to do with your costumes as you wish. We certainly can’t stop you. I personally would recommend staying close to the reference, as that’s what makes our costumes special and really shows the attention to detail, but people have definitely taken some liberties before. It’s your costume, after all and if you put it back to it’s approved state there’s not really any harm.

It might be that some events we get invited to want accurate costumes, so just keep that in mind.


Made some progress.


Everything look good so far? My wife is concerned the sweater is too extreme a shade of blue.

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I think it looks pretty good. I know many others use a shade lighter.

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