Finest CO Election Time!

Good Morning Finest!

It is time for Election Nominations!

We will be holding elections for Commanding Officer soon. Once again these are self nominations. If you intend to run for the position, respond to this post, or please let me know by Monday November 9th. The new commanding officer will be selecting his or her own Command Staff (at the Finest level…this will not affect garrison C/O’s).

Once we have our Nominees we will set up a Zoom for the Nominees to do a live Q&A answering your questions.

Then the vote will take place via an email election tool.

More details to come with our Q&A date as well as instructions for voting.


Ok Troops, time to start thinking up questions you wish the Nominees to answer. Please post your questions here. Time and date of the Zoom to follow.
Our two Nominees for CO of the Finest are:
Alex Thorne
Ryan Brown

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Good Afternoon Folks,

Our Candidates have picked the dates and times of our Live Q&As.

Yes there will be two sessions and you will have plenty of time to get your questions in.

First Session will be Thursday November 19th at 7:30pm CST (3 hour max length)

The second will be Saturday November 21st at 7pm CST

Recordings and transcripts will be posted as soon as available to both the forums and Facebook.

Zoom Links/info will be posted the day of the Q&A


Transcript of the first night of the Election Q&A if you missed it.
The Finest Election Q& (118.1 KB)


Transcript of the second night.
The Finest Q& (140.7 KB)