Finger goes the bang

a topic that should be addressed.

yee ole booger hook on the trigger.

now looking at historic photos (thats what i do as a hisotric reenactor) i can’t tell you how many men laid the finger on the trigger. its just how it was done.

but todays world is a … a… well plain and simple a knee jerk butthurt world of mefirst to offend.

we as joe “military” cosplayers have a fine line to walk to stay true to the joe world in military, but also not to give offense to our true cause “raising money for that years need”

so we need to be careful with our actions, deeds and even fun pictures. and yes i know, “we were in the moment, we were just posing , it wasn’t real…” trust me i get it. i shoot real rifles and pistols every other week. for fun and for food, but i don’t just lay my finger on the hook just to do it, nor do i teach my children to.

so lets air to the side of caution on this. if your in the pic, or your taking the pic, look around you. see whose watching or whose doing what. if you see the "finger on the trigger, ask them to just put it on the side or just grip the handle, you have the right to do so!

this wasn’t meant as a soap box. please don’t take it that way. but as a cosplayer, a historical reenactor, a fundraiser chairman, a hunter and most importantly a father just take the second and don’t put your finger on the trigger lol


James McCulley explained this to me in 2014 and I quickly adopted it as a habit when holding any prop gun. It’s an easy thing to do to keep law enforcement and people who are familiar with firearms feeling safe.

Although i call out Biker Scouts and Patrol Troopers (From Solo) for doing this because those pistols don’t have a trigger!


Trigger discipline! It gets picked up quicker than you’d expect.