Firefly cosplay

Hi everyone, Iam doing a Firefly cosplay, not only the Classic Style but also my own additions to it. Not only is this my first post in the forum, but is also my first Cosplay. Thank you


Welcome. If you are planning on submitting your costume for membership, please note that it cannot be custom and must match 1 reference (do not mix and match). Be sure to ask questions as there are folks here that might be able to help. Also, if you are on Facebook, be sure to check out our Finest Recruitment Center page.

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It would be interesting to see what your ‘Classic’ costume looks like prior to modifying it with your own touches.

I cosplay as a Slideshow Collectables style Firefly.



Thank you for responding, I’ve just ordered the Urban Camo Jacket and the COBRA patch, they should be here soon. When they Arrive I’ll send a photo. Thank you

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