Future challenge coin idea

Watching the first episode in the M.A.S.S, device, Destro shows Cobra Commander a ‘homing beacon’ about the size of one of our challenge coins

This could be a cool B side to a future coin we do.


I wouldn’t mind seeing an actual club only coin. Not just the fundraiser coins we do but inner members only coin run where we can have more freedom on design as well. We did a run of coins here for our Florida Garrison, there was some talk a bit before about doing one for the whole club too but then we started doing the charity coins.

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I’m a huge fan of challenge coins! I received 8 during my time in Iraq. I too agree on the notion of club only coins. The current charity coin seems to be immensely popular, so I don’t see any reason not to continue with this method going forward.

Be nice to have just a clean standard The Finest coin for sure. Charity is nice but just having something for the club would be cool.


Did anyone move forward with this? Last post was a year ago. I know a good vendor that makes and sells challenge coins online that my other group uses often.

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There was a coin ran in last year after this, not of this design of course, but also there is individual garrison coins and such that do crop up from time to time. Typically new coins each year.


Also thinking about this design: I have software for designing printed circuit boards. After the design is made (and tested using a simulator) you can send it to have the board manufactured. In my Star Wars droid building group, I have made PCB’s that do nothing but are for looks to be used on the outside of the droids. I could make this coin PCB (even with the Cobra sigil) and have it made, but I’d probably need to produce at least 100 of them, and they wouldn’t be metal, but the material that PCB is made of.

Do people do personal challenge coins on The Finest? If so, I might steal this :slight_smile:

Anyone can run swag in the Finest but if it’s going to use the Finest name or any logos from the group, you need to have it approved by the Finest command, who could request changes if certain things don’t gel.

If it’s just a personal thing with no actual connection to the Finest on it, then you can do as you like.