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A rousing “Yo Joe!” and an alarming “COBRA!!!” to The Finest!

The stripped-down version, I met some guys from Task Force 27 last year at the Central Florida Comic Con last year and am looking forward to seeing them again this year as I am going to be representing Starfleet International again. I was inspired and I am finally getting around to putting together some Joe/Cobra ensembles. I am making an Admiral Keel Haul and will be making a Cobra Trooper to balance out the sandbox in my head.

In rewatching, after easily a decade, with the eye towards coming up with something obscure, I noticed the generic Joe troopers. I am going to kick one of those out as well, but while there are the best costume guides ever in the field manuals for common Cobra troopers there was not one for the Greenshirts which were as generic as the Cobra personnel. Will there be a field manual coming out for them as well? I wouldn’t mind helping generate one if that were the case.

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Buzz Ryan

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Hi Buzz, welcome to the forum. It’s something that’s been talked about before but just never had anyone to really hammer it out. I’m definitely curious to see what you want to work on, especially if there’s a particular version. I think a big reason we’ve not seen it, is that the details for them are usually pretty varied over all the media and sometimes even between shot to shot in some of the shows.

This is my caveat; I am planning on submitting my Keel Haul within the next couple weeks and after my approval into the dynamic organization, I will get hot on this.

What I love about the Cobra Field Manuals was the sacrifice of canon for affordable and available materials to make generic uniformed characters… well… uniform. I loved and appreciated the way that suppliers are named. Not to mention the lay out is outstanding.

All my idea was is to piggyback the Idea of the generic Joe Trooper, that was prevalent in the M.A.S.S. Device and The Revenge of Cobra episode arcs (where all of the screen grabs I am using came from), and out together a list of what and where I got the gear from and submit it to the powers that be for formatting and publication.

Hey! Thanks for the interst!

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Oh… as it turns out… In The Revenge of Cobra arc there is a prevalence of Generic Sailors on the USS Flagg. I have plans for this one too.

Sounds like a plan! Let us know if you need any help on the Keel-Haul too. Always good to see another sailor!

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I just submitted my pictures and reference to the powers that be to become a member of your fine ranks!!!


Oh nice, that was you! Glad to see it, we’ll hopefully have news for you soon!

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Awesome. Looking forward to seeing it.

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Thank you Powers-That-Be for approving my membership!!! I am ready to play!

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