GI Joe War On Cobra - Mobile Game Launches Jan 20

Finally has a release date, the new mobile GI Joe game is coming out on Jan 20. Game play is styled after the Transformers Earth Wars and Clash of Clans style of gameplay with base building, unit collecting and so on.

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Game is out, fun so far. If you played Earth Wars, then yea it’s nearly identical game with a bit more separation of how you got water and air dedicated units all around.

Took a break but back playing this, they have done lot of balance changes, game is no longer silly easy to win at and higher the level you go the harder it gets for sure. Lot of defenses have had their defense abilities and HP buffed so you no longer can simply airstrike and send in one air power unit to win.

Also lot of new units including the new Iron Grenadiers are available to unlock now.

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