Goggles on Cobra Trooper

I don’t know if this is the right for this question …I’ve seen various photos,comic panels…etc. with regular Cobra Troopers with goggles on their helmets,are they ok to submit approval pictures with or just something members do once accepted? Thanks…I’ve been looking forward to joining for awhile.

Any costume you do has to have a reference to back up the entire costume. So even if its a trooper with goggles, is it the same trooper that you have already built accuracy wise? The thing to remember with the Finest, is that we are not supposed to be mish mashing parts from different sources.

Sideshow collectibles version of the trooper variants did have some goggles, but you want to make your costume them to follow their build accuracy and not that of say the field manuals trooper.

I know that the Resolute Cobra Trooper figure doesn’t have goggles but on the animated movie they do have goggles.

Though goggles would make sense for Ferret drivers or motorcycle drivers. By all rights CLAW pilots should have them. Though there isn’t any official reference to those.

Thanks guys…I seriously didn’t notice that these troopers had different helmets at first?!(damn sideshow)CobraTroopers|375x500

Sideshow is close to our field manual troopers, I think adding goggles later down the line isn’t a huge issue, but maybe not for approval. The basis of the field manual I believe was largely use of field manual and classic style of trooper helmets.