Good Job Finest! $25,482 Donation Made for 2018!

This is why we do it folks, for 2018 we all worked together to raise a sum of $25,482 for K9s for Warriors which was presented at the September 2019 class ceremony. The staff at K9s were blown away and the audience as well was very impressed when they learned about what we do and how much we had done for this organization.

And meet Toby, one of the puppies being raised and starting his training for K9s for Warriors. We got to spend a day with K9s learning about the program, their fostering and puppy raising initiatives, and everything involved. These folks do so much out of the kindness of their hearts and their operation hinges on donations from folks like us. This is a very rewarding goal our group has set forth and lets try and keep it up and maybe even beat that 2018 total with our 2019 fundraising!


And 2018 is in the books! :us_outlying_islands::+1: