Greatings! From Nebraska

Hello everyone from the great open dead zone of Nebraska. I think my closest detachment is in Kansas.
But luckily we have the Internet and Social Media. Until Extensive Enterprises gains full control of it.

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Howdy Josh! You’re correct that the nearest garrison is Kansas/Missouri, but we do have a few members in Nebraska and Iowa. I’m from South Dakota originally so I know what you mean though. Still, always nice to get more presence! I saw the other post, Planet Comic con is a great show for us, have you seen the group there before?

Welcome to the Finest, Sir!

I about every year I’m there.
I always spend some time talking with them.
I’ve pick up a few swag item while making Donations
Their booth is always always great.

That’s very nice to hear! I’d love to make it up there one of these years!

It’s worth the 3 hour trip to go for me.

Welcome aboard!

Looking forward to seeing the results of your cobra trooper project