Hello from Columbia, MD

Hi! I’m Lily, I’m working on my first Finest costume. Currently I’m having trouble deciding between sunbow Shipwreck or sunbow Dial-Tone, so I’m building a buy list and sketching out prop builds for both. Can’t wait to send my costume in for approval and officially be part of this amazing community!


Happy to hear! It’s definitely a tough choice. Shipwreck is a bit more recognizable, Dial Tone more unique a choice. Whichever you decide, it will be a fun costume (and then you can do the other)!

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Welcome! Those are both great choices! Not sure if you are on Facebook, but we have a group dedicated to Finest costuming. There, you can ask questions, get ideas, get help finding certain items, etc. The link to the Finest Recruitment Center page is below. We look forward to seeing your progress.

Also, you would be part of my garrison!

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