Hello from Daytona Beach FL

Hello everyone!
My name is Thom and I live in Daytona Beach FL. I have been an active cosplayer since 2010. I am and active member in the 501st Legion and I also do Umbrella Corp, Colonial Marines (Aliens), Clockwork Orange, JAWS (Chief Brody), Jayne Cobb from Firefly and Ghostbusters. Ive wanted to do a Cobra Grunt for quite a while now and decided to get it started. I look forward to talking to you all and hope to pick your brains about my build!


Welcome Thom! We got a fairly active garrison here in Florida with Task Force 27. Iā€™m the CO for the region and if you need anything feel free to reach out for any assistance. We can never have enough troopers, the sea of blue is a gorgeous thing to see. Many of us are also active 501st around the state who love GI Joe and helping out vets via the Finest fundraising and charity collecting.


Welcome Thom! My name is James and I live in the Orlando area and am also a member of Task Force 27. You should come out to the next event where we will be set up in Tampa! It would be great to meet you.

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