Hello from orlando / jacksonville native

Bj Savage from Jacksonville sent me here to get to joining
we are both friends in other costume groups and from jacksonville
i moved to orlando in 3/20/20
and i guess the bazooka costume kinda rang well with me so i decided to use that as my first character

submitted my images and wanted to specify that the backpack will cover the wording on my back , and currently working on a backpack build
and a bazooka prop weapon
glad to be here


Hells yeah :raised_hands: cant wait to see the pics :metal:

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Yeah trying to figure how to imbed pictures on this thing

It’s kinda tricky… under text box the little pic thingy next to the screen looking thingy…

Welcome to the forum! It’s awesome BJ was able to get you pointed!

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Look forward to you joining and Trooping with Task Force 27. We have a great bunch of folks in the Orlando area as well as all over Florida. We just did the Central Florida Comic Con this past weekend.

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Yeah I ran into you all at the toy expo in orlando while I was trooping w the 501st and rebel legion
I know Greg Stanley in the task force in jax so I’ll be glad to say hi