Hello from Point Pleasant NJ!

My official entry into The Finest has been a while in the works. I first meet some of the members when a friend and I started attending Joecon in 2014. Since then I have been gently prodded to get off my butt and join on the club. :smile: I decided on Night Force Chuckles. He is from my favorite sub-team and I have always loved this version of the character. Yo Joe!


Welcome welcome! I did joefest a couple times, it’s nice to have something like Joe Con that people come from all over for. A great way to connect and get folks introduced to things.


Thx! Yeah, it is my go to GI Joe con now. I always had fun helping out with The Finest booth at JoeFest and now I can do it in an official capacity. :metal:


Glad you finally joined up!

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Glad you finally did, the costume is awesome.