Hello from the Netherlands

Hey all, registered a few days ago, but here I finally am doing the introduction.

So about me, I’m 47, dad, it-guy, cosplayer, comicbook reader, living in the Netherlands…… guess your average gen-x nerd. I grew up watching Saturday morning cartoons with two of my biggest passions, Transformers and G.I. Joe! About two weeks ago I stumbled across a post on Instagram from someone that had this amazing Cobra Viper cosplay, and she was kind enough to redirected me to this site. I’m aiming for a Cobra Viper cosplay as well, hopefully it be done before the next Dutch Comicon which is set to be in March next year. Regarding cosplay, I’m already a member of the 501st (Star Wars) as a Biker Scout and an Imperial Officer, so I do have some experience in creating costumes although I’m nowhere as gifted in crafting as some of you are.

Anyways, I’ve already downloaded the manual for the Cobra Viper and hopefully I can find all the parts that are needed and get them shipped here.

If anyone has any questions, just ask!



Hello and welcome. Might be the first Finest member in the Netherlands if you join us!

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I’m honored! That was actually one of my questions, if there would be any Dutch members (or European for that matter)


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Action force 44 is our Ireland/UK Garrison

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I’ve deleted my Facebook like two years ago, but looking at the available stores it seems that I have to recreate an account again. Thanks for the link! Appreciate the help!

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Welcome to the forum,

It’s great to read how those Saturday morning cartoons had an impact on people all around the world.

I fit the same profile you described in your intro, but from Canada.

I’m just putting the finishing touches on my Viper costume. You’re on the right track if you follow the Field Manual. If you have Facebook you can check out Pit Viper Studios for the helmet, he is not taking any more orders BUT he might make another run of helmets (but don’t take my word for it), if not, I know there is a STL file available on the web.

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Welcome, welcome! The Viper is a fun costume and certainly can be one of the more hands on builds. If you have any questions or needed pointing don’t hesitate to ask!

As far as European members go, Action Force 44 is the only garrison at current. We have a number of members in Germany as well as some in Switzerland.

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Thanks, I’ll make sure to check them out.

That is a bit of a concern I guess. The bucket is a very specific piece of the whole costume and it’s sad to read that the production has stopped. Although I’m sure that I could find someone with a 3D printer to get it printed, I have no idea how I could make the visor.

Do you have any thoughts on alternatives?

I’ve just posted there for the first time, thanks for the tip!

Per the Field Manual, members are allowed to substitute a beret until they have a helmet. So if you had every other piece you would still be able to be approved.

In terms of helmets, we do have other members that have made some previously. Gerald W. had a 3D print done if I’m not mistaken and Chris G. has been casting his own for members for years. They also make other Viper parts as well.

I can give them a heads up you’re looking. Additionally, if you do hop on Facebook sometime in the future, we have the Finest Recruitment Center where people sometimes sell bits or offer other costume services.

Hi @RyanB ,

That would be wonderful if you could do that! Appreciate the offer! I actually created a new facebook account this morning specifically for this reason. I’ll look up the group you mentioned!

Thanks again everyone for all the help, already makes me feel very welcome!

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Welcome to the forums. I look forward to seeing your progress as you begin the build. It will be great to see the Viper corps spread world wide! As noted from others, let us know if you need any assistance in your journey and be sure to share photos as you progress.

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Well, piece number one is acquired! A friend of mine happened to sell his airsoft gun. Needs a bit of paint and I need to check if a gun like this is allowed at our Comicon because our gun laws are very strict.

One thing I could use some help with is locating a viper bucket as the theviperpit is gone now… I’ve looked all over the place but no luck… anyone any ideas where I could look or ask?

Crap, just been reading on Dutch law regarding firearms. Apparently I’m not allowed to carry around a firearm that closely resembles a real gun, not even indoors at Comicon or other events. Even if the tip is painted orange… that kinda sucks big time :frowning:

The Facebook page for Finest recruiting… tag Gerald Weiss… he has been making viper buckets…sideshow version i think :thinking:

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Also, Len of Pit Viper Studios had been mentioning that he may be taking more orders soon. You might want to take another look at his page. Shipping would be the issue. Rates going up and mail slowing down.

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I imagine those rules would be very frustrating. It may be clever to think of other props that may be fun. Members have used things like brief cases with the Cobra logo, made props of other gear from the shows like the MASS device fuel, or even character specific accessories.

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Could you use a Nerf gun at Cons, or even those are restricted?
A non working one of course.