Help needed with a uniform

Hey there just need some help as where having a hard time of it. Where trying to make, or get made a cosplay uniform made for Cobra Commander, Resolute version. We live in Australia and our options for are very limited. So far we where lucky enough to get the helmet from Pit Viper Studios, boots, and gloves. Kinda need help with the rest. If anyone can recommend someone or offer advice this would be welcome. Thanks.

Folks who have done to Resolute version have gone with chinese vendors like this one as a base:


Then modify them or upgrade any parts that need it. Often the Chinese vendors use crappy cheap accessories, rubber details, pleather belts and so on. But to help with sewing they are good sources for quick suits, then upgrade them with real leather belts and so on till it looks better. I would replace all the belts and buckles on these for example