Hey Everybody! Shout out to new and old friends

Hello! I know a lot of folks on here, but there are always new faces popping up. If we have not met yet, I want to remedy that. My name is Stephen Rigg and I’m a G.I. Joe enthusiast.

I spent my childhood on a Sea Island on the South Carolina Coast. The gates to Parris Island were just a few miles away, and I grew to love our USMC (both my grandparents and my uncle were Marines) which I believe kickstarted my love for G.I. Joe. I went to college and studied art and theater and landed a job for 17 years designing, building, costuming, and acting at a special event company. I met the love of my life and moved to Statesboro, Georgia were I currently work with my wife Jessica at my old Alma Mater, Georgia Southern University. We attend as many cons as our schedules will let us in GA , SC, and NC most of the time in costumes.

I’m always working on a “new” costume, collecting some vintage Joe stuff, and trying to complete my G.I. Joe comic collection. I cherish all the friends I have met in the Finest, and I hope to meet many more of you folks that share the “Joe Love.” YO JOE!


Hey Stephen, thanks for sharing that. I always like to know where people come from, what they are into and enjoy.

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