Hey from Columbus, Ohio

I’m Joe, local to Columbus Ohio.
Part of 2 different Star Wars groups and decided to try a different group for a change.
I have most of a Cobra Trooper but having a hard time find the correct pants.
Hmmm…can’t think of anything else to add here.


@CentralOhioTrooper one of yours :grin: time to Snarf up :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Welcome to the forum, Joe!

Welcome aboard Joe

The folks here have been super helpful in costume resources and put me onto this website:

Welcome to the forum!

We were just discussing the BDUs in Command Staff. Direct from Propper is definitely the best way to go, they’re doing a 20% off sale for the 4th this weekend too.

Let us know if you have any questions!

I found a source in Cali that still has the 405 in stock but from what I’m reading, the 405 id discontinued and replaced with the 450… which isn’t close at all in color.

Could you post the source for this? I ordered from Propper myself this week and received the 405 colors.

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I just received my BDUs that I ordered directly from Propper, and they are all 405.

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