Hyped about starting my 1st build ever with Cobra Commander

Hey friends Maddog here,

Super hyped about starting my adventure. I’m from Nebraska and i’ve been doing light cosplay for a bit, but never built something from the ground up. Also love working on carity work so I knew this place was a win win to join.

So I started with my Helmet witch is EVA foam (1st time with EVA too! ) !

I wanted to add pics but ( I dont think I can yet?) I’m still new to this

I’m also starting to sew tomorrow with I found McCalls 4745, but I’m trying to figure out the color of blue. After that’s done I then have the Patch or vinyl to put on. and the other bits to add . . . I’ll keep updating this as I go. Hope to be done by Nebraskon at the end of Oct.

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Welcome. What is your reference for the Cobra Commander you are making? Or are you going for your own custom?

Typically a dark navy blue is used by most Cobra Commanders unless you are going the more royal blue looking Cartoon style of Commander. Believe the blue can also be referenced as Galaxy blue? But typically it’s either of those two styles of blues that are used for CC’s

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Ah I new i forgot something yes I’m doing the Sunbow Cartoon



I’ll try add my helmet progress



And Thank you so much

So after I was all done with my Helmet (it was my 1st time with EVA foam as well) 74319685_2579671148792301_8515452372959363072_n

Also Sewed the jacket and pants myself ( also 1st time sewing)

And Me and the wife at Anime Nebraska Con

Now I know I have a few things to work on but ( Like the red lining)

But thats it for now, wanted to share this here

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