JoeLy 2020 -wrapped!

Central Defense tried s little something new with a remote month long event to see who’s play along with dressing up as a Joe and snap a pic. Part of the concept was to get some new blood interested in GI Joe costumes and perhaps want to join in the fun of the finest.

I wanted to share the results of the event with you all on the last day of Joe-Ly here

With no cons to attend and an audience online probably sick of seeing the same old posts revisited, this effort was multifaceted giving us some original content to engage our audience with as well as some potential new recruits once things settle down and open back up.

For the efforts, participants were given by mail a JoeLy Merritt badge to add to their costumes and a letter of thanks. I heard a rumor that the Cobra Agents at the post office may have slipped in some propaganda in there too, but this hasn’t been fully confirmed.

Big thanks to Mikey the Patch Czar for his help on this! Hopefully this can inspire some ideas about what to do when we’re all stuck at home with photoshop.

Yo Joe!


You did an awesome job! Thanks for putting these together!

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Great way for members to stay engaged - well done!