Jungle boot question

I have a question about the sizing on the jungle boots…most sites say they run big and to order a size down, and on another the exact same ones say they run true to size? I’m stuck with having to order them online only because we have one military surplus store in town and they never have any stock in store. Thanks for all your input!!

This is always going to be personal preference with any shoe and how ppl see them fit. More size to me is fine in jungle boots cause they are not comfy at all, especially the ones sold in most places online. Every pair I’ve gotten of any vintage style jungle boot needs extra thick socks and usually get inserts to be comfortable to wear, so extra space is more than welcome to me.

Thanks…this is pretty much what I was thinking.

For the Rothco jungle boots I’d read the same thing on line. I went to a local surplus store and tried them on and found that I fit best in a full size down than what I normally fit in for all other shoes.

Granted, I’m just one guy with one opinion but I found a whole size down with plenty of room for sole inserts and thick socks.

Thanks for the help guys…I went into the surplus store here on the off chance they might have some in stock…nope. I’ll order some a size down and check them out. Thanks again for all your help.

I had to go bigger, I wear a 12 and it was like a vise on my foot. I had to step up to a 13. I just order a size bigger on any brand boots from here on out for me.

The Rothco/Chinaman repro jungle boots run considerably larger than the old issue boots.
Those fit like running shoes.