Just getting started. Cobra Officer & Trooper

Hello all! I just joined today after a friend shared the Facebook page of this cool club! :sunglasses:

I would like to make my first costume, a Cobra Trooper (with Officer switch-out components).

Can someone please point me wear to begin? I’m particularly interested in finding out where to get the kit for the helmet?

Thanks in advance! Yo Joe… and, of course… Cobraaaaasss!!

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For the helmet, look for Pit Viper Studios on Facebook. Len’s helmets are the standard of the hobby!

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Thank you Scarecrow!!!

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Check out the Field Manuals for suggestions for the other kit components.


@ShawWars what version of the trooper/officer are you thinking about building?

Hi @VFS! Sorry for the delayed response. I’m just getting over an illness (thankfully NOT Covid!)

Anyway… my friend and I are both looking to start with the standard Cobra Trooper. We’re actually spending Halloween in Salem, Massachusetts and face masks will obviously be required… so what better costume to wear?? :wink:

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Nice! Definitely check out the field manual for the trooper if you haven’t yet. It’s a fun build! Let us know if you get stuck or have any questions!

Hi ShawWars, if you are going to Salem, Mass for Halloween, I recommend visiting Marblehead. It is a small coast town just outside of Salem and the location where Hocus Pocus was filmed. I stayed there one year at a BnB called Brimblecomb Hill Inn. Nice and quite!

In regards to your idea for officer switch out components. I also noticed that the two costumes are similar enough, one could have the extra components to make two costumes but i was going to do the officer and switch to the trooper. Anyway, I was mentioning I wanted the officer helmet without the crest so I could attach it myself and someone seemed to be all bent out of shape that I could make such a request. Apparently I need to purchase an officer helmet and then another trooper helmet even though the crest is the only difference. Seems like a little thing to me. Anyway, I’m going to try to do the same thing as you.

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I’m also working on building a couple of versions of the Cobra Trooper and Officer. Unfortunately due to the versions I’m wanting to build most of my components want transfer between them.