Lamprey build - underwater demolition you

I think I’m still the only Lamprey in the Finest, so here’s some notes on that build.

Reminder, I can make more of the knife sheath and drop holster (vac-form plastic) and the logo for the bicep (iron-on vinyl) if anyone needs these parts. I haven’t made a sale thread here yet, but It’s on the to-do list.


Helmet: I started with a painter’s face shield from Amazon and the forehead of a cheap 2-piece stormtrooper helmet. The rest was built from 1/2 inch EVA foam, coated with XTC3D resin. I mixed the resin with silver powder and black/white tint, so there’s actually no paint on the helmet at all.

The face shield was removed and tinted with window film, first mirror privacy film, then a transparent blue.

The “vents” are just decals (inspired by stormtroopers).

I carved molds to vac-form the holster and knife sheath. This seemed like the best way to get those specific shapes. They’re held on with Velcro and straps.

The belt buckles are sheets of ABS plastic painted bronze. The belts and pouch are vinyl fabric (with some of my old punk pyramid studs). There’s a cabinet hinge and threaded post (Chicago screw) connecting the two buckles to allow that movement and rotation. Behind the buckles are quick release clips, real simple on the actual belts.

The vest was pretty tricky. I traced paper patterns on a mannequin to get an idea of the shape. I took apart a life preserver and learned it was actually a simple construction of fabric over layers of flat foam. So I used more of the 1/2 inch foam floor mats to create the shape of the outer layer of the vest, then upholstery foam under that to give it more depth. I found some shiny spandex-like material in the color I needed and wrapped the foam, then sewed the seams, leaving the bottom edge open so I could turn it inside out and stuff the foam inside. I sewed white 2-inch nylon strapping into the appropriate seams for the shoulder straps and under arms between the front/back sections and then added the zipper to the middle front. Last, I did my best to see up that bottom edge without making it too obvious.

Last, I took the back and chest pockets off of some coveralls. I used one back pocket to make the neck close. I used the chest pockets to make bicep pockets and the other rear pocket for the flaps. Much later I got more material and made longer sleeves with zippers and added the zipper to the shins.

I drew the weird skull with beret and knife logo, then (like with vinyl decals), i used a plotter to cut out the iron-on vinyl logo for the front of the left bicep.