Least Favorite Joe or Cobra

We have a favorite thread, but how about the ones you just can’t stand. For me, it’s always been Duke. I’ve always found him to be pretty boring and rather bland as a character.

Raptor burns my eyes to look at. I loathe him.

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Crystal Ball. I had him as a kid, but always placed him back in my toybox.:joy:

Absolute #1 for me is Golobulus

A figure who nearly in any circumstance could not stand up on its own. Took all the action out of action figures.

Cobra La destroyed my love of GI Joe in 1987. The storyline killed my interest nearly completely only collecting a couple of Joes after that.


Cpt Gridiron. The concept was already way too goofy, but the explosive footballs just… no.

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Create a cobra

Good concept, horrible colors


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Mine used to be Crystal Ball but after seeing the excellent female version one that one of my garrison members made I sort of changed my mind. I never really cared for Darklon, just an odd character/figure.

Any of the Alien/ Cobra-La and Toxic figures. (SO many bright colors!!!) I was pulled into GI Joe because Larry Hama talked about the gear the Joes would be using was all based on cutting-edge real world tech, or on conceptual/experimental designs that you could find with a little digging. As the Hasbro continued to find new places to go, they moved further and further from that standard.

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I always thought he was redundant since the Fridge was THE football guy.

Those big space brigade bodies have bothered me from the moment I discovered them. I think I dislike them even more than cobra-la.

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That’s where I drew the line: Star Brigade.

I saw a youtube video and this was listed in the top 20 of WTF of all action figures.