Melbourne, Australia: Supanova comic-con & gaming March 5-6, 2022

Royal Agricultural Show grounds
Ascot Vale VIC Australia
March 5-6, 2022

Event type: Annual pop culture convention
Presence: roving costume and public interaction

Charity: Soldier On - “March On with Soldier On” awareness and fund-raising campaign. Referrals direct to charity website and team fund-raising page

Notes: last minute addition to costumer lineup presents opportunity to further establish local presence.

Possibility to link up with other costume groups to share booth space/costs/resources?

Attendance: Sunday only
5284 Kimelius


Managed to get heckled by a member of the public - at least they got the right franchise!

Chatted to a number of the militia-cosplayers about recruiting and group opportunities

Possible acquisition to the motor pool - MFP pursuit vehicle from Mad Max aka The Road Warrior