Michigan, reporting in!

A few years back I met some 5th guys at GR Comic Con, got some 5th patches. Had them displayed on my wall for a while.

At the time, I was more focused on the 12" Joe from the 60’s and 70’s, and Action Man from the UK. But, like everything in my life, my hobby made a circle. ARAH is now the focus of my Joe hobby.

Not too long ago, I realized I could cosplay Joe, then remembered the 5th. Searching them out led me here. Hope to put together a Steel Brigade (V1) costume together in the next couple years, and follow that up with a Viper (V28) later on.


It’s very possible I was there! GRCC was a pretty awesome show for us. It’s pretty cool to hear about someone who saw us there.

I do the v28 Viper. I like the tactical look of them.

The only thing I can’t figure out are the bracers. Always a WIP with those things.

I followed the Field Manual on most of it, as a guideline.

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They almost look to me like padded extensions of the gloves, rather than a separate gauntler/bracer.

Perhaps having a function similar to dog handling/falconer’s glove?

I built these out of foam and weather stripping, but they are stiff and uncomfortable. I’m in the process of painting martial arts forearm protectors.

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Kinda what i was thinking…kendo arm pads…

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I did post up a test file for the basic layout for v28 and on arm guards:


I don’t have the skill set, LOL.

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