My costume collection!

Built several costumes for the Finest over the past couple years, just finished a new one to debut soon.

Snake Eyes (Sideshow Premium Statue variant)

Sideshow style Cobra Viper

Cobra Commander - Retaliation Movie Style

GI Joe Green Shirt. Based off the 25th Anniversary Green Shirts Vs Firefly set


Mainframe - Went with more recent comic book style with the dark pants. The comic kind of mixes the toy with the original animation style.

Cobra Desert Sniper Trooper - Based on the Sideshow figure

Cobra Desert Officer - Based on Sideshow figure

Firefly - Style was more for the modern 25th anniversary Hall of Heroes look. Still upgrading parts on this one for accuracy.

Cobra Shadow Crimson Guard - Based off the more recent 50th anniversary release.

Flint - Based on the original v1 toy

General Hawk - Based on the v1 figure artwork (white fur, black airborne and combat badges)


Fine, hijack my post! I’ll get you for this James! :fist:

lol works I guess :man_shrugging:

i like what you are going for with SE v3, but I think the knives need to be mid chest instead of mid belly. They look great BTW, 3D printed?

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Do we prefer to add new threads or continue the highjacking? I can do either :slight_smile:

New thread! We could use the extra content!

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Haha, my poor post :joy::joy:

Great work! Your kits are top notch.

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Your cosplay are all off the hook but Law is my all time favorite that you do. Though, your desert trooper is pretty frickn kick ass too!