My Deep Six Build

Not sure why, but Deep Six has always been a favorite of mine. My first attempt wasn’t as successful as I hoped.
It was bulky and hot. The cooling fans weren’t as good I thought and movement was limited (just like the figure lol) When I did the second attempt years later I actually got it done in two weeks. It’s still hot andmovement is better, but I’m always looking for ways to improve it.


Thats always one of those WOW builds


Thank you. I appreciate the compliment

love your deep six, so glad i got to see it in person

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Hey you were also the only one to ever see my V2 Deep Six

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I’m generally the last to leave. i’ll hit the after shoot dinner next year

Fantastic! Where did you get the dome for outfit?

Amazon. Search acrylic domes

This is my grail suit!