NegativeEleven sales thread

I’ve been slowly adding to my website over the last year. I am a real idiot for not cross-posting here while i did that.

My original offering, The Viper helmet. Hand crafted in 2012, I’ve been casting copies, with a few updates, since 2014. Goggles are resin with mirror lens and nylon webbing strap, attached with 4 elastic loops like the 4" 2009 figure. Face is a motorcycle helmet face shield, as long as i can continue to find those reasonably priced (looks much better than flat clear plastic with mirror film).

Raw from the molds, white resin - $150
Finished and painted - $275

Also, resin belt buckles for Vipers (or everyday wear) - $15

Baroness armor! I vac-form chest/ab/back from my own hand carved molds. The forearms are resin casts from my own molds. I provide vinyl decals for forearms and chest.

Chest/ab/back - $125
Forearms - $150
All of it together - $220

Copperhead helmet
This is a modified motorcycle helmet with a vac-formed face and ear boxes. I use EVA foam for the mohawk and inside the ears.

Completed and painted - $225

…gonna update this later, but much can be found at