New recruit from Virginia working on 1st Costume

Hello everybody my name is Doug and I’m from Southwest VA. I have been a lifelong fan of GI Joe and comics in general. I recently began cosplaying over the past 2 years and while I try to attend as many cons as I can, this will be my first attempt at a GI Joe costume. Originally I was going to do Lifeline Version 1 and that will probably be my second project. However I feel like my first Costume will be Duke. He was always my favorite so I am wanting to do a Version 1 of him. Any and all help or advice will be appreciated. Hope to get to know you all soon.


If you checkout the Finest recruit page on Facebook, a gentleman recently built and submitted a Duke. That could help you tremendously.

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Awesome! Welcome! We are here to help! We have plenty of Dukes that may be able to help you. If you’re on Facebook, you should check out our Recruiting page.

@vwnerd would be the CO of the garrison you would be joining.

Any questions feel free to ask.

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Best advice is to pick your version and build around it. It might seem a bit simple for an iconic character like Duke, but there’s little differences between his cartoon, toy, comic, etc appearances. For us, we’re all about matching a reference so as long as you do that getting in is simple.

Is there any version in particular you’re thinking of?

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Thank you all for the welcome and kindness. I actually know vwnerd we are in a Ghostbusters group together. As for Duke, I’m partial to the Real American Hero Cartoon version of him. As well as the original figure and the 25th anniversary version of him. I think those 3 versions capture his original look well. Gonna have to do some research but one of those 3 will be it so while I feel like that’s a copout lol. I will be sticking to the Cartoon Version most likely.


Sounds like you’re on the right track then! Nice to see them growing and recruiting.

Duke was my first build as well. I ended up basing mine on the original figure. I think the cartoon version is a lot of fun too and not sure if anyone in the club has attempted it (the one with the orange epilates). I think the best suggestion is what for some of those details. All three Dukes you mentions have green pants and a tannish shirt, but there’s plenty of differences between them, like shades of the colors, details on the shirt and so on.

Welcome to the club.