Newbie from Ontario


My name is Joel and I’m a teacher. Have loved G. I. Joe since the early 80s. Have been cosplaying and reenacting for the last 8 or so years and decided to get into doing G. I. Joe.


Welcome Joel! What are you thinking about for your first G.I. Joe costume?

Don’t know right now, part of me was thinking Cobra Commander, but I’m not to sure yet.

CC was my first. It’s a fun but challenging build.

I’ve been slowly looking at where to get stuff. So far all I’ve decided if I go ahead with this is that to get the helmet from Pit Viper Studios.

hi Joel!

glad to hear from a fellow Canadian.
You might want to start by looking around the forum and on Facebook: The Finest Recruitment Center.
Lots of good info on costumes builds, take your time and choose one that suits you.

then send in your submission for approval, you can then join the Eastern Shield Brigade, the 1st and only Finest garrison in Canada (ok, that was a shameless plug :wink: )


Welcome Joel! GI Joe is fun choice for costuming, the amount of costume options is pretty insane in this universe so have fun choosing!