NJRipper introduction

Greetings all, my name is Brian. I am a member of the 501st and a cosplay/costume hobbyist. I am using the name NJRIPPER because, for those who were at JoeCon in Dallas TX, I was Ripper! I have been working on several costumes to join the Finest with. The costumes which I am working on are Keel-Haul, Mutt & Junkyard, Ripper, and Sunbow Cobra Trooper (with variations including Cobra Lab Tech and Cobra Spa Trooper from the episode The Viper is Coming. I have just finished with the final piece of Keel-Haul and will be submitting photos for approval soon. Yeah I know, why is NJRIPPER not submitting Ripper first? Honestly, I just focus on one character at a time and Keel-Haul came together quickly. The reason also that I am not doing Ripper first is that the majority of my outfit from Dallas didn’t fit any more, and I have to modify a wig and beard also.
Besides costuming, i used to be a customizer of action figures, BCost74 was my ID at Joe Customs.


Welcome to the board!

Welcome! Let us know if you have any questions.

Welcome, enjoy your stay.

There seem to be a significant amount of 501st Legion members here too. Long live the Empire, and Hail Cobra! :slight_smile:

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