North Carolina reporting in

Yo Joe! A friend of mine talked me into setting up a G.I. Joe cosplay, did my first photoshoot and another friend mentioned looking into the finest. Not really sure what else to say here. Considering putting in an application, but wanted to put my toe in the water first. Lots of experience at local cons, but never seen a Finest group represented and was wondering if anybody knew what the activity in the Carolinas area is like.

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Morning, Chris!
Thanks for joining the forums. I saw your post on the Recruiting page on FB this am. Your Gung Ho is off to a great start.

The garrison that covers NC is the 31st Carrier
The leadership is:
Justin Sharpe - CO
Lance Laidlaw- XO

Hopefully we can get you in touch with the local members so they can tell you what’s happening in your neighborhood

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Thanks for the reply. Wasn’t sure how much crossover there was between this forum and the Facebook pages.

With regards to the “great start”, what would you advise going forward?

When the command staff looks at your costume we cross reference your source material. You supply a specific source, not a bunch of different sources and we do a round out “spot the difference” like in the old highlights magazine.

So if your source is V1 Gung-ho we are looking to make sure that the parts of the costume match the figure.

The best advice is to not mix a match resources for your first costume. So don’t have the hat from a comic book, boots from the animated series and the vest from a figure. Pick one source and try to get as close as possible.