Ohio toy show in Xenia Ohio

I was wondering if anyone here will be attending this toy show on October 7th in Xenia Ohio. I am going to be cosplaying the B.A.T. and was wondering if anyone else will be there.

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There’s a few members who are going to it, but maybe working at their toy shop tables. I would check in with the Corvus Squadron folks if you can. Can point you there way on Facebook as well.

For some reason i havent been able to link up with the squadron on Facebook.
Is there a link you can send?

I had spoken to Ryan M and I think he’s gotten the link to you. Let me know if you’re having any trouble!

Also, It doesn’t look like you’re in the main Facebook group yet either. There was a link sent to your email, but I’ll get you a new one in case it’s expired. Please let me know if you see it!

I also invited him to the members page, again, since his original invite expired.

Its all good guys. I found the email in pile of spam and linked in. Thanks!!!

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