Oz Comic Con Melbourne Vic Australia 27-28 Nov 2021

NOVEMBER 27 - 28, 2021

Rescheduled from July dates due to state COVID restrictions. 2nd major multi-facet convention of the season with previous attendance of +30k across weekend

a. Secure facilities and fortify position against the Joes
b. Establish recruiting station

Dynamic patrol and engaging populace in psyops PR and redirection to TF forum/FB recruit page

a. Likely to be roaming event due to limited number of stall holders, attendance and prop-weapon restrictions.
b. Obtain suitable PR material
c. Determine event props policy
d. Network with other costume groups and vendors for future opportunities

Command and Control
Cobra Officer - 5284 Kim Elius

1st opportunity to put boots on the ground and build profile.


Let me know what PR material might be helpful, we can certainly work on getting something put together especially considering the prep time we have!

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PR/Recruiting material notes:

a. Business cards with forum address, facebook recruit page
b. Trifold ‘The Finest’ pamphlets - who, what where, etc
c. Examples of Field manuals soft and hard copies

Physical stall:
Opportunity to contact local mixed costume groups to propose shared space?

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Given the cancellation of the state agricultural show and international airshow, I’m not confident that this convention will proceed at all this year.

Fingers crossed! If not, completely understand. We’ve had a couple shows cancel so far this fall here in the states too.

We probably still have a little ways to go until we get close to events being more assured.

Keep us posted. I’m still hopeful for you that this show will proceed, but I’ve seen that there have been many restrictions still in place. Looks like you are all set from a PR perspective and just need the opportunity to move forward. All the best to you.

Alright we have a green light!

Event was rescheduled for weekend of 11-12th December and I am attending Sunday 12th (due to work roster)

Once I’m done with 501st & Rebel Legion booth shifts, I am on the recruiting and awareness drive!

Let us know how it went!
Don’t forget to show us the new helmet. :wink:

Oz Comic-Con Melbourne After Action Report

LocStat: Melbourne Convention & Entertainment Centre

Patronage (Day 2): approx 13000 pax
85% vendor attendance

Confirmed contacts:
13 recruits (7 cards, 6 fb link) all for follow up
4 vendors (2 comic stores, 2 collectibles)

Cosplaying demogrphic highly saturated primarily with manga/anime genre
Older patronage more responsive to Cobra logo and G.I. Joe nostalgia

Feedback: “Where’s Cobra Commander?”

Mission status: Complete


Neat to hear about the contacts! It’s good to follow up especially if they really seemed interested.

The Cobra Commander comment is generally the most frequent reaction here too. Besides being confused as the Commander I should say!