Painting Cobra Trooper Helmet

I’ve been looking for reference for what color and paint to use on Cobra Trooper Helmet? The guide gets vague on the subject of the helmet.

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That’s because it’s changed a bit in availability. It used to be the Midnight Navy, which is no longer widely available. The common ones that get used now are the Rustoleum Classic Navy Satin or Satin Midnight Blue. Some people prefer a darker primer, but I’ve seen folks use gray primer to good effect too.


My advice if its a 3D printed helmet or a PVS unfinished helmet use a black primer coat and 3 coats of the Rustoleum Midnight bue with a flat clear coat final to get the uniform darm blue male Trooper look.
After primer use bondo to fill gaps, sand, then apply first paint coat…bondo again for missed spots, sand…apply second coat…check for any additional bondo needs…apply 3rd coat let dry apply clear.
Femme Trooper is a bit different.

I’ve had to put together lots of star wars helmets and a few other sci Fi.

So it sounds like theirs a little bit of lee way on exact color.

The only place I’ve seen a trooper helmet kit made of resin is on Etsy.

Im also toying with the idea during this summer using one of the foam build patterns and make a actual Steel Pot Trooper Helmet. Since I have dishing bowls, anvil and tools from my SCA days.

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This is a tough one to answer.

Traditional off the shelf navy blue paints are generally lighter* than the current ‘dark navy’ BDU’s from Propper as recommended in the Field Manual

Note* at least, here in Australia, in my experience.

Likewise, different uniform suppliers have their own shade of ‘dark navy’. Just to keep their percentage of product diiferential.

The colour difference isn’t always as evident, depending on the lighting and environment at the time.

I plan to take a fabric swatch and get a sample tub mixed by local paint store. This could be an option for you?

Lucked out and found a spray can of Midnight Blue with satin finish today at a hardware store. I was actually looking for something else so it was a surprising find.


Helmet arrived need to do trimming, sanding and cleanup. Then paint and finishing.

Interesting, where did you get yours from?

Off Etsy shops name is.

That’s definitely one I’ve been interested in seeing. It looks a bit rough, but I’m sure you’ll be able to shape it and clean it up nicely.

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I will start a thread on this helmet then.

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