Painting H-harnesses

I’m looking at painting a black H-harness to a gray color. Any preferred methods of doing this? Spray paint? Any type of sealant?

Just spray paint in multiple light coats till it looks even if it’s typical nylon material. Don’t use sealant, as it can crack or cause peeling. If your dealing with a cloth or fabric material for any reason, you would need to use fabric paints or acrylic slow and steady painting.

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Most likely going to be the Condor H-harness referenced in the Cobra trooper/officer field manual.

if it is a fabric or leather that is heat resistant I recommend
50 / 50 jacquard paint and GAC900, then heat set with iron or heat gun.

if it’s any synthetic material, get it in the color you want. It’s not paintable.

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Many of us have painted nylon synthetic webgear, harness gear, and vests just fine with standard spray paints. Just go slow and doing multiple layers. Over time the paint can rub off, just respray. Just be wary of painting insides that rub against clothing as it can rub off some color onto clothing.

This is how all the python patrol vipers paint their gear, grey spray paint on typically black vests.

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